Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dream Room {Living Room}

I have had my house on the market for almost a year and as awful an experience as it has been, it has given me a lot of time to think about how I want my new house, whenever it is I finally get there. I've been making "Inspiration Boards" and trying to get the mood right. Things I know I want: comfort, relaxation, organic linens and scents, absurdly thick, white crown molding and lots of quirky details and vintage finds.
Here is my first, the Living Room:

{Click for more Detail}

1. Swedish Stripe Curved Sofa Wisteria $1399
2. Oversized Tufted Ottoman
Wisteria $589
3. Oak Back Chair & Cushion
Wisteria $250
4. French Slipcovered Chair
Wisteria $899
5. Expedition Cube
Pottery Barn $699
6. Silver Shift Lamp
Anthropologie $128
7. Are You Being Served Wallpaper
Anthropologie $108
8. String of Pearls Lamp
Anthropologie $128
9. Hessian Trapezoid Pendant Lamp
Anthropologie $898
10. Voluspa Small Pedastal Bowl Candle
Voluspa $16
11. Side Table
Crate & Barrel $299
12. Doorknob
Anthropologie $48
13. Pillow Covers
Nuka $14 each
14. Wool and Sisal 8x10 rug
Restoration Hardware $799
15. Bird tray
doe-sf $176
16. Knitware Bowl
Alyssa Ettinger $65
17. Scalloped Mirror
Anthropologie $128
18. Butterfly Mobile
Royal Buffet $36
19. Magazine Storage Box
Good Egg Shop $35
*Wall of photos: Hugo Guinness (care of Domino Magazine)

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