Monday, May 11, 2009

Old Mill Farm

I have been looking for gardening ideas for my next house and have not been very inspired until I saw Old Mill Farm. {via Veranda} Of course, this is far more luxurious than anything I will be attempting, but it has a lot of what I am looking for. Formal, romantic, lots of hedges and lawn and yet, not stiff or pretentious, but rather charming. Of course, in my dream garden there are more roses and lilacs and hydrangeas, but the bones of Old Mill Farm are so strong and meaningful I couldn't not share it with you. So, what is your dream garden? Something small, something clean, something wild?


Kristybee said...

That is quite amazing! I can totally see you with a maze in your backyard..tee-hee. Something like in the movie "the shining"..but not so xx

elle moss said...

haha! yes exactly! Remove Jack Nicholson and that's about right ;)

Lena said...

Such a beautiful garden!
I adore that style, very English of course :)