Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sarah Seven

I've been a big fan of Sarah Seven since I first saw her on Etsy.  I originally thought she must be selling prints of fashion photography, but was delighted to discover she is the designer of these amazing, fresh, whimsical, delectable dresses!  The use of muted colors found in nature mixed with lots of flowy details is juxtaposed with such amazing cut and structure...its all so drool worthy!  Her etsy shop has really become popular and as if owning one of these beauties wasn't enough, she also donates 5% to charity so you can know your purchase isn't (totally) in vain.

Find her here: {}


anywhere I lay my head said...

I love those dresses, especially the colors! So lovely;) I wish I could make clothes like that;)

Thank you for your sweet comment<3

RowanDeVoe said...

ah elle! your blog is just gorgeous and has such great style-just like you!

i have admired these gorgeous dresses on Etsy myself and it is nice to know more about the designer of them. they are such gems! i would like one in each colour please!

hope you are having a great weekend!
take care,

elle moss said...

thanks for visiting my blog, Merle :) so nice to see a friendly face! Enjoy your weekend too!

lililly said...

Omg. I think ive found my next wedding dress ;)


anyone figure out who photograph these? i love these phoooootos!

Mystique Island Photography said...

those dresses are adorable