Monday, July 13, 2009

New Sponsor, Andrea D'Aquino

I'm so excited to have another artist as a sponsor.   Andrea D'Aquino is a New York artist who uses a mix of collage and illustrations to create a dreamy, complex world full of interesting characters.  I love these surreal prints so much!
Her shop.
Her website.


RiX said...

Dear Andrea

I am honored to call you my friend, add to that I am honored I feel I am doing my best to help promote your Brilliant artwork!
You have touched my heart through your art, our bond with Marc Bolan, our link of growing up in the same town and so much more
I am a "Better Man" since knowing you - I hope my friend follows through and buys some of your work a true honour when a painter is so touched by anothers work (in a different genre)
Love ya.....RiX

helen said...

Truly fantastic. That pear seed one is brilliant! x

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed viewing your photos, I've had you on my fave list on Etsy since I first came on the Etsy scene 3 months ago. I found your blog from a feature in Waxyhearts blog.

I just started a blog called DISH, and I would like to invite you to enter a new Giveaway on my blog here:

Have a lovely week,