Friday, July 24, 2009

South Haven

Just returned from a week in South Haven, Michigan.  It's my favorite Lake Michigan town with such a quaint downtown - lots of shops and restaurants, biweekly farmers market and horse drawn carriage rides.  It has 2 beaches right on Lake Michigan and lots of adorable houses.  We also spent a day in New Buffalo, a day in St. Joseph and another day in Saugatuck/Douglas.  In all, I think I took about 1100 photos!  Its going to take weeks to go through them all, but here are a few from a little shoot I did on a small section of private beach that we snuck onto.

I'm in love with this  $3.00 vase I bought at an antique store a block away from the house we rented.
Setting the scene with some help from my little one.  It was really really windy, but fairly warm and she had a lot of fun playing in the waves that crashed around us.
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Waxy said...

Nice - my parents actually spent the week in South Haven too - I don't think their pictures will look quite as good though!!!

simply blogged said...

Gorgeous shots. I am glad you had a good time.

Ali said...

These photos just instantly put me in a great mood.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Beautiful images! South Haven sounds wonderful.x

Sarah Knight said...

looks heavenly : )

RowanDeVoe said...

oh, i adore these images! i so wish you could have somehow run into my twin and her 2 little boys-the 7 year old is super tall with brown hair and the 3 year old is blond. her husband is a sweet heart as well. maybe she needed to be in a costume of some kind like i am in my photos?

thinking of saugatuk and douglas makes me happy and sad. my ex found my 100 year old east indian engagement ring in douglas and completely surprised me with it-such happy times as we went back there for our honeymoon. i love all the beaches there, the antiques and how i could relax and sleep for some reason-glad you had a great time!