Monday, July 27, 2009

Tim Walker and Ellen Von UnWerth

Two of my favorite modern photographers are Tim Walker and Ellen Von UnWerth.  Both create lush over the top images that I adore.  Tim's use of color, surrealism and fantasy and Ellen's use of sexuality and fun have made them photography superstars.  I became a bit addicted to Ellen's work after her work on the video for Erin Fetherstons "Wendybird" collection.  Who are your favorite modern photographers?


Christen said...

Love the picture of the woman and the flying dishes, and the one of the women wearing masks. Thanks for sharing!!

d o l l parts said...

i love ur blog
its divine

elle moss said...

thank you doll parts and Christen!

RowanDeVoe said...

these are all so wicked cool! they are magicians!

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they are magicians!