Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday Favorites

Summer is almost here and it feels so good to open the windows and let the fresh air in! This summer my plan is to bring more flowers into my space, preferably purple, but as you will see below, maybe some red, too. I'm also looking forward to lazy days and summer drinks.

This summer I want to use some Old Fashioned Striped Straws which are perfect for those summer drinks.
I usually steer clear of Red flowers for my own home and garden, but not anymore after seeing these photos by Little Brown Pen.
What's more perfect than a simple, classic outfit like this or this (natalie portman channeling audrey hepburn) and how sweet is this look?
I still have my eye on this Charlie Chaplin tshirt on Etsy.
These Dottie Angel tea towels are as light and happy as a summer breeze.
Tomatoes are my favorite fruit and I love buying them fresh and organic from the farmers market. This summer I am going to make a soy-free vegan Caprese Salad which uses a cashew cheese instead of mozzarella or tofu.

What are your favorites for summer?

lovely little window via Lotte Agaton

I'm so in love with this image above from gypsy purple home

doesn't this image via dress design decor make you sigh?!

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