Thursday, March 8, 2012

Green Smoothie Breakfast

I often have a Green Smoothie (or Green Monster) for breakfast and thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes.  A green monster is such a great way to get a lot of healthy stuff at once.  Despite how they look, they (usually) taste great and make you feel amazing!
The basic formula is simple:  
*A cup or cup and a half of non-dairy liquid (almond, rice, coconut, soy or hemp milk, coconut water, etc)
*Frozen (or not) organic fruit (blueberries, strawberries, peaches, bananas etc)

*A big handful of greens (kale and spinach are my go-to greens that I usually have around).
*Add-ins if you wish (peanut or any nut butter, flax seed, chia seeds, sorbet, agave or honey to sweeten etc)

Here is what I had today:

Thursday Green Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup vanilla coconut milk
handful of frozen organic cherries, blueberries and peaches
1 Tbsp flax seed
Large handful of organic spinach
1tsp Agave syrup

Throw all in a blender and blend until smooth adding more liquid if needed.

You can find more green smoothie recipes here:


Anonymous said...

Love my green breakfast smoothie as well! My favorite is banana, orange, coconut oil, spinach, and water.

Elle Moss said...

I will have to try that. I have raw organic coconut oil, but never thought to throw it in. yum!