Friday, April 6, 2012

The Incredible Eggnots

As you might have read in my earlier post, I was looking for an alternative to dying eggs for Easter.  To my delight, I found Eggnots which are ceramic eggs that you can dye like real eggs.  

My Eggnots arrived very quickly and I was so impressed.  They look exactly like real eggs and are packaged in egg cartons.  They are a matte, eggshell white color and not only do they look like real eggs, but they kind of feel like them too.  

They won over Olivia immediately, and when she found out she could keep them forever, well, let's just say she was over the moon.
She played with them for 2 days before we dyed them, putting them in her toy shopping cart and having mom, dad and Drew find them during "practice egg hunts".

I can't recommend them enough for vegans, those with egg allergies or anyone who wants to celebrate a kinder Easter.  You can purchase them by clicking here.


all images ©Lisa Sieczka

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