Monday, April 2, 2012

To Dye or Not to Dye...

 Every year my family has dyed eggs for Easter.  We buy free-range, organic, brown eggs and use those cheap .99 cent egg dye kits that are everywhere.  Every year I want to do the all-natural thing with, you know, beet juice and spinach, and every year it seems like too much work.  After going vegan(ish) last year, I've been wondering if I should dye eggs at all.  

  Of course my kids (one strictly vegan, one not) want to do it, but I'm wondering how to do it in not only the most environmentally friendly way, but the most kind way.  For one, nobody here eats eggs.  Even my daughter, who is vegetarian and not vegan, has never eaten eggs.  Not that we would eat them after dying them anyway.  Really, what a waste.  

  Then I saw a pin on Pinterest that changed solved everything:

Egg Nots are dye-able ceramic eggs!  You dye them like regular eggs and you get to keep them!  How cool is that?!  Here are links to their website and their facebook. I will be dying them with natural dye recipes I found on Better Homes and Gardens or I might buy natural food dye at Whole Foods, which seems less wasteful.  I ordered 2 dozen and will let you know how it all goes.


GingerMandy said...

That's an awesome idea! I love the concept of dying eggs but hate wasting them because I'd never eat them after, so I might have to try this :)

Heather said...

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