Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Olive Loves

My daughter, Olive, has very good taste.  Here are some of her favorite things from around the web.

Pockets of Art on Etsy has these adorable, made to order stitched creature sachets filled with lavender, mint or sage.  Purchase here.

Olive adores these embroidered necklaces from Lana Pelana.  Charming colors and happy faces, what's not to love?  

One of Olive's favorite things is art.  She spends hours a day painting, coloring, drawing and making absolutely fabulous creations:

She really wants this color-play book from Anthropologie.  I want one, too!

Olivia loves books and picture books are still her faves.   She is reading beginner books now, but I plan on reading to her for a long time to come.  Here are a few that we read over and over and over again:

These were her favorites when she was younger, but I still read them to her now because they are my favorites (and I Will Kiss You) gives me reason to kiss her nose and toes):

This purse, which actually looks like a strawberry in person
This movie.
Anything and everything by these two


Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse said...

elle, olive certainly does have great taste. all those softies are so cute! love foxy loxy spying the bird. and books!!!!! i'm the aunt that always, always, always gives book. you've got two of my favorites side by side- giving tree (which i didn't discover until i was an adult and which i give at every baby shower) and madeleine, which was one of my favorites as a child (event though it was my sister's).

Lanapelana said...

I'm happy you like the necklaces, many thanks to Olive! :D

Elle Moss said...

Lanapelana, we both adore your necklaces! Glad you stopped by.

Pamela, those were my 2 faves as a kid! I think a person is never too old for a picture book, if it's as wonderful as they are!