Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Everyone! I spent my morning watching my 3yr. old, Olive search for the eggs she dyed naturally last night and her Easter Basket filled with chocolate goodies, jellybeans, littlest pet shop characters, a Thumbelina dvd and a little Tinkerbell game.
She squeeled with delight with each discovery.
Next we I plan on making homemade peeps. That way, I can use less sugar and natural dyes. You can learn how to make them

Some lovely flickr images...

1. Naturally Dyed Yellow Easter Eggs, 2. Easter Eggs, 3. Eggs-tra Special for You, Happy Easter!, 4. Rainbow eggs, 5. it's coming, 6. Breakfast is not a competition, she said, but they were gone already & both of them thought they'd won

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