Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love, Etsy

These four Etsy shops are some of my faves and often pop up in my treasuries.
Abby Try Again's charming, quiet, unassuming photography is just, well, so pretty! Little Byrd Vintage and their homey farmhouse vintage goods and handmade pillows. Madz Has Runaway has the most charming wood cut jewelry with vintage fabrics. Finally, Goldie Lockes Designs makes the loveliest earrings and rings using seashells and little stones.


Heather said...

Oh my...two of these were already the other two are as well! That wooden jewelry is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

abby try again said...

Thanks so much for the sweet post, xo abby

littlebyrd said...

thank you thank you elle! this is wonderful to be featured along with these other great shops :) :)

sarah said...

You have a splendid Eye.



Elizabeth said...

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL photos and artwork! Found you on Bloglovin!

Anonymous said... proud of you love. You are doing something amazing. Love you always! Keep up the good work ;) Autumn